Welcome To Soho 

Soho Dance LA is a dance studio that specializes in partner dances, with group classes that feature high intensity cardio, learning rhythms and turn patterns that will challenge your brain as well as tone and sculpt your muscles. When entering Soho Dance LA, egos get checked at the door. Beyond learning dance technique, one central tenant reigns supreme: to have fun. We encourage a beginner’s mindset, believe if you’re not failing you’re not trying.

Need a little guidance on preparing for class? Here's everything you need to know — from dancing shoes to what to wear — before you get to the studio.

​Here's what to expect when you step in the doors for the very first time.

Leave your phone in your locker and give yourself 45 minutes to let go and have fun! Here's what to expect when you join the class.

Join our Mindbody app for the easiest way to book your group or private lessons. Our staff will help you with any questions. 


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