Music I'm loving now

Favorite Artist:

Etta James

Favorite Dances:

Cha Cha / Salsa

Favorite Dance Song:

Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke 

Ballroom / Yoga Instructor

Adrienne began her dance career at the age of three, but turned to sports shortly thereafter. Somehow, though, there was always something pulling her back to dance, and inevitably at age fourteen, it re-entered her life again. Her love of dance grew to incorporate various styles – everything from hip-hop to modern, and, eventually, ballroom.


After having danced competitively in high school, Adrienne went on to receive her BFA in Performance Arts. She is very thankful to be able to put her training to use every day in her own instruction of dance. She has been professionally pursuing ballroom now for over five years as a certified ballroom instructor. 


Adrienne loves helping all levels of dancers –  from the novice learner, to the competitive experienced student, and even the soon-to-be-wed couple planning their epic first dance! Having trained with various coaches and studios from all over the country, Adrienne enjoys passing along her knowledge to anyone wanting to ‘cut a rug,’ and looking to add some spice to his or her life!

As of 2017, Adrienne has officially become certified as a yoga instructor. She has been practicing yoga for almost 10 years, and received her training under renowned yoga instructors such as Joan Hyman, Chad Dennis, and Clio Manuelian. Adrienne loves digging deeper into the various aspects of the practice, and finding correlations between yoga and ballroom dance, in such specific areas as alignment, breath, & physical asana.​

Adrienne's dance routines


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