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Salsa / Bachata 

Favorite Dance Song:

Tu Sin Mi - Yenddi

Bachata - Instructor

Jay Gonzalez started his dance journey 4 years ago under the direction of one of California’s finest Mike Zuniga. He then made his way to study with world champions MG Dance Company. After 3 years of training Jay decided to pursue a career within the Latin community as a Bachata Artist. He began by debuting his first show March of 2018 at the Vancity SBK International Congress in Vancouver Canada. Today, Jay Gonzalez is an official member of the biggest dance company in the world, Island touch Pro representing Sensual Touch with his Los Angeles Partner Jessica Trujillo. Training with world famous instructors such as Ataca Y La Alemana, Daniel Y Desire to name a few, Jay Gonzalez has been able to create a unique style of his own to continue to share with the world and climb up the charts. Traveling to over 20 cities nationwide and international countries such as France, Brazil, Canada, Italy and Mexico, there is no sign of Jay Gonzalez slowing down. His goal is to create a positive impact within the dance community, to empower unity within Bachata, and set a new standard as a Bachata dancing professional.

Private Lesson Rates: 

1 Lesson Pack $110 

5 Lesson Pack $525 ($105)

15 Lesson Pack $1,500 ($100)

25 Lesson Pack $2,375 ($95)