Lindy/Tango Instructor

Music I'm loving now

Favorite Artist:

Ed Sheeran

Favorite Dances:

West Coast Swing

Favorite Dance Song:

Come Along - Vicci Martinez

David Stockin started dancing 19 years ago with Lindy Hop and has been continuously learning different dances ever since.  He has taught lindy hop, west coast swing, blues, and Argentine tango at numerous studios throughout California.  He has been a full member of the famous Lindy Hop team “Roscoe’s Rascals” since 2009 performing aerial swing routines on stage for audiences of over 1,000 people!  He is also one of the founding organizers of LBC Tango & Swing Club, one of the largest weekly West Coast Swing and Argentine tango groups in Los Angeles County.  

David's dance routines


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