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Favorite Artist:

Tito Puente

Favorite Dances:

Salsa Cali Style/Bachata Dominicana

Favorite Dance Song:

Guerriero - Marco Mengoni

Salsa - Instructor

Joel Gómez Born in the district of Tolima, Lebanon and raised in Cali, Colombia At the age of 5 he had an inclination to go to dance to the rumbas (parties) of his family and friends. The Dance was a way of expressing feelings and experienced situations. Gomez started dancing professionally at the age of 18 after finishing high school. He became a choreographer then he created his dance school CaliSabor by Joel Gomez and CaliSabor Dance Company. Joel Gómez has trained in Salsa Cali Style, Salsa L.A. Style and Puertorican Salsa, Salsa on1 and on2, Bachata, Kizomba, Colombian Modern Folklore, Ballet, Ragga Morfi, Jazz, Dance in Heels, Hip-Hop and together with Jhesus Aponte has begun the fusion of a new Salsa Caleña with the Puerto Rican dance on2 fusion. Joel also has a passion for Visual Arts, Hand Crafts and Drawing. Gómez has danced created choreographies for concerts with world-famous artists, schools and dance companies such as Grupo Niche, Romeo Santos, Theaters, Asocuju, Yopra (music magazine), Latin Power, Son De Luz Dance Company, Ballet Farallones among others. He has traveled to World Congresses, dancing salsa and folklore in countries in Latin America, France, Holland, Italy and The United States of America. Gomez says "to know myself every day and know what I can get; the motivation to continue giving me strength is my mother (a person of whom I’ve learned that what you want from your heart, if you want it, you must make many efforts, sacrifices and be disciplined " Joel Gomez wants to introduce himself as a Colombian salsa dancer of a worldwide level and develop his culture as a teacher through the Salsa Caleña with an easy and effective method to learn. It’s called Bilaterality and / or mobility created by his teacher Luz Aide Moncayo for people with a high degree of rhythmic difficulty. Joel's goal is to reach large international conferences with groups created with his style, bring the Salsa Caleña to the Italian Federation of Sports and Dance as a Caribbean Discipline, promote and generate the need for competition between groups that will make the Caleño / Colombian level and style nationally and internationally and create a wider movement. This goal has already begun and is taking a strong turn among the athletes / dancers in Italy, since they have already begun to insert steps of the Caleña in their choreographies, thanks to their trainings, taking classes and workshops with Joel Gómez in Italy.

Joel's dance routines


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