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Our mission is to bring dance to the people. Our one of a kind instructors guides our students through an inspirational, rhythmical dance experience that’s designed to benefit the body, mind and soul. Set in a state of the art room to beautiful music, our dancers move in unison as a team.

Our dancers say it’s changing their lives. With each step taken, our minds clear and we connect with our true and best selves. Through this shared Soho experience, our dancers develop a solid bond with one another. Friendships are made and relationships are built. We do it together, as a community.


Founder Raul Santiago created an alternative to the dance routines that felt like work. He developed an inspiring system that's as efficient as it is joyful — an experience that's the best part of your day, every day, and that can transform your body as well.

Our dancers come to us from all backgrounds, levels of dance and experience. Soho Dance LA is for everyone to take your dancing to the next level.


At Soho, the rhythm pushes us harder than we ever thought possible. Your own strength will surprise you every time. We reshape your entire body, one dance at a time. Change your body take your journey and find your favorite dance.

Take your journey. Change your body. Nurture your soul.



Soho's first studio opens on Broadway and Houston st. in Soho NY


Soho Dance Company is born 


Raul Santiago & Yesenia Serratos win The World Latin Hustle Championship


Grand Opening for Soho Dance LA studio #2!!  

Raul creates his new system for group dance classes


Soho wins Top Studio for the first time


Grand Opening for Soho Dance LA 


Raul Santiago & Yesenia Serratos win The World Latin Cup in Latin Hustle 


Soho Dance LA host its first College Latin Dance Championship.


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